Monday, March 3, 2008

The First Ever Bloggetry of Me!

Buenas dias/noches, my visitors! I don't know why I decided to become a blogger in the mist, but I just wanted to. Let me introduce me; I am Brittany Marissa Noelle, aka Brimarino, but the blog thingy says Picke You Cumquat. I'm in high school, and I like it here. I love to write. I like to rant, so expect that here. I also will try to promote musicians and websites I think are worth your time.

Here, at my blog, you can rant, ramble, promote (in a spam-free way) and tell me what you think of the day's post. I feel good about this... I'm rambling now, so I'm going to get right down to my very first Bloggers question:

What's up, people?

1 comment:

Pickle You Cumquat said...

I have commented myself. So should you.